Saturday, 12 April 2014

World Film Photography Day

April 12th 2014 - World Film Photography Day. 

"Unplug from the digital grind and rediscover the beauty of analogue. Grab your Lomo-loving friends and capture the unparalleled fun and excitement of #filmphotographyday in a LomoMatrix!

April 12th is Film Photography Day! Yes, you got that right. It is a day dedicated to rediscovering the magic of analogue photography. To celebrate this glorious event, why don’t you call out to all film photography lovers across your city and organize a special Film Photography Day Meetup?" - 

Today I think will be the day of the Sprocket Rocket, Lubitel 166B and the Instax. The Diana Mini got a role of film through it yesterday. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Fuji Instax....

As you may be able to tell from the numerous posts and projects I am a massive fan of instant film. So much so when my camera started to play up on a past holiday my first instinct was oh great an excuse to shoot even more instant photos. 

Naturally at the Photography Show UK, I tracked their stall down. It seems lots of new cool films are coming out as well as accessories for the Instax Mini range.

The two items it looks like well be seing in the near future are the Instax albums and the rope straps seen in the bottom image.

For me though the big draw to the Mini range is the new(ish) Neo Classic/Instax 90. With it's multiple exposure, bulb mode, party mode (flash + long exposure) and macro focusing and a few other features including lighten and darken options for the print.

Is the vast array of films you can get for it, as see in the first set of images such as the colour frame, cow print, mosaic, pandora and not obvious in the photo but also Marvel minis. 

Above is a quick snap of the Fuji Instax Neo Classic or Mini 90 both seem to be names commonly used for the product. 

Above are a few quick test shots from the Neo Classic shot at work. Next step will be taking it out and having a play out and about and then no doubt buying one. Before buying a ridicules amount of quirky films or attempting to convince Fuji it will be a good idea to me lots of different ones to try (#WorthAShot) 


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Instagram on Mac

Peoples opinions are often split on the use of Instagram for "real photography" while some people love it others hate it. Me personally I love it. For me the main draw to it, is the social aspect of the site. The ability to see other peoples photos so easily, talk to people who shoot similar subjects and search the via #tags. 

I wanted an easier way to make these contacts and search through the site and after a bit of digging and review reading I have found "InstaReel" for Mac. Available from the App Store. 

An easy and simple login screen, with Instagram authorisation popping up to reassure users of its authenticity. 

Once you are in the app you can view your profile, your images (including likes and comments) and even download/save your images. This however also has a downside in the fact it allows you to save other peoples photos, which means your image can easily be saved by others. 

As with the Instagram you can search for users and hashtags. This for me is one of the main draws for this application to be able to search, like and start conversations with people this will I hope, help to build a more interesting following list and in turn gain more followers.

An added bonus for me is the "favourites" tab which as its names suggests, shows you all the images you have liked. 

For me so far, so good in terms of ease of use, it allows you to easily search and comment on others and your own photos. Making new friends along the way, its easy to click like, but there is nothing like having a conversation over Instagram making "internet friends" with shared intrerest and someone you may meet at the next InstaMeet. 

Just to point out, before anyone buys this you are NOT able to upload images to Instagram from this app or at present from any other application as this is forbidden by Instagram.  

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lomography's New Petzval Art Lens

"The Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Art Lens is a stunning reinvention of the legendary Petzval Lens, which was first conceived of in Vienna, Austria, in 1840."

At the recent Photography Show I got chance to have a play with Lomography's new lens and so far I am very impressed. The bokeh on the lens looks beautiful and isn't too hard to focus with at all. There is lots more information on the lens on its mini site which can be found here

The down side to the lens? The waiting time for the next batch is currently not due to be fulfilled until June of this year and also the price, costing more than a lot of the leading manufacturers lenses it wont be a lens we see explode in to everyone having one. But for people with the money to spare it seems so far to be worth the investment. 

Unfortunately, the camera was either locked to a low quality or someone before me had set it so. But if you had not guessed the above photos are a few that I shot in and around the Lomography room. 

For more information check out the video below: 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Photographers Project - Has grown again

Over the weekend and start of this week it was the first UK Photography Show (see all the details here) which gave me a great chance to expand the Photographers Project (#PhotographersProject) again at a quick pace. I was at times selective, with who I asked and had a few people decline interest but in total 25 people were added to the project. Including people from the Lomography company, Emma who I met at the Lomography stall who was so nice and interesting and from what I recall an editor of a magazine(Images 1 and 2). But for me one of the highlights was the chance to hear Rankin( talk and then add him to the project. Again he (as were the majority of people I asked) was more than happy to be part of the project. 

I have started the process of adding links to blogs/websites through a click of the photo, when I get more time and contact information information through I will add more. But for now check out/click on Nicole Gomes, Andy Kruczek and Rankins photos. 

To see the full collection of new images head to -
to see the full selection that is currently online. Over the coming month I hope to between work and moving house. Scan the full project individually and start to upload again. The full project now consists of over 100 photographers from hobbyists to famous photographers and everything inbetween.  

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Rankin joins the #PhotographersProject

This year sees the first UK Photography Show the replcament to the popular Focus on imaging show, unfortunately I was working the first day so had to miss the opening.

However having the Sunday off, I made my way to the NEC and into the exhibition. Thankfully as a "trade" member. 

The main reason for the Sunday visit was to try and catch the Rankin talk which unfortunately I missed half of but caught, well the other half and afterwards he was more than happy (once the photo had developed) to sign away across the bottom as many before him have and joined the #PhotographersProject.

Over that day I was able to capture severalote photographers who were happy to join the project and so it continues. As I write this post I am on my way to the closing day of the show hoping to blast through another few packs of film and pick some bargains up along the way. 

Over the next week I hope to scan in and post an update to the Photographers Project, post photos of some adorable kittens who would love a new home and who knows what else.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Instax Smokers Project

As you may have seen a few posts ago I have started another portrait project based on a certain group of people shooting solely on the Fuji Instax film. I am excited how the photos are already turning out with the project and feel this could be another ongoing side project to accompany the "Photographers Project".

See below: The collection of this new project so far.

This project along with the photographers project will carry on for as long as possible, I really could do with a sponsor from Fuji or an Instax supplier, alas I can only wish. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Samsung NX30 test and more...

Today was spent with the Samsung training team going through the new NX30 and giving it a good test drive.
Seems nice and easy to use and very ergonomically designed. 

The 80 degrees view finder offers a great option for some awkward and angles and makes shooting at low angles much easier.Of course if you'd prefer it as with most CSC's you now have a vary-angle screen which allows you to view the screen at almost any angle. 

Later this evening or over the next couple of days, I will be able to post a selection of test images from not only the NX30 but also the Galaxy Gear and a cheeky look at the Sony RX10.