Meow Bitch - Fashion Shoot

Well it was a long but fun shoot, with a team put together by Cat of Meow Bitch but everyone worked really well together and it just seemed to flow fantastically. The hair and make up team were fantastic and the models were all very natural and comfortable infront of the camera. I have last night and today go the first batch of images ready to unveil and here is a small selection.

Photographer: Joshua Cunningham
Assistants: Stephen Stone & Alex Wilson
T-shirt design:
Models: Abbie Mai, Greg and Ben

Thanks to Artifex studio for allowing the shoot to go ahead, and there is still more to come from this shoot keep your eye out for it. There is also a moving image advert coming from Rob at Untraditional Productions in the editing stages also. A great fun shoot with more to come from this shoot and future shoots. 

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