ONDU - BEAUTIFUL Wooden Pinhole cameras!

Here is there kick-starter campaign:
Fantastic looking camera, I really wish I could afford one but far to much equipment I need to improve my working kit has to come first. But I am sure I will be returning to this at some point. 

However if you are Derby photographer (in need of a studio space) or just based in Derby with a pasion for Pinhole or analogue photography you need to keep an eye out here: The Photo Parlours Facebook, where you will see any information they post about up coming workshops. 

Pinhole Photographers to check out: Justin Quinnell

And there are doubtless many more, you will be able to find 100's of them on Flickr along with guides to making a body cap pinhole to allow for a digital pinhole. 

Lastly check out this BBC New article -

Image from BBC News
Photographer Justin Quinnell

National Pinhole Day = Last Sunday of April -

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